Well it’s the month of March and with that being said it’s time for March Madness! So for the next four weeks America will be consumed with College Basketball and Bracketology! Now for true Sports Fanatics there could be nothing better! The #1 sport Football is over until August so it’s time to embrace a new sport until then. Unless you like Baseball, NASCAR, Hockey, or Basketball then you will fine until that time comes. Now I can watch Baseball, Basketball, and a little bit of Hockey but really don’t get into them until playoff time rolls around. The Conference Championship games today were great and there were some good games on. I’m kind of in my feelings right now because  Kentucky lost but we will take it all anyway so it really doesn’t matter! That’s right I said it Kentucky Baby the Number# 1 overall seed! Been representing Kentucky Basketball since I was a little Mustache! (LOL) But I was really shocked that North Carolina lost but that’s the great thing about College Basketball! Any given day in the tournament any team could lose. Those loses really helped the Bracket Committees fill in the Brackets with ease this year.  So we really didn’t hear to many complaints about the brackets this year and how they screwed them up. Setting the stage up for a great 2012 NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Now being from Wisconsin I’m really looking forward to seeing what Marquette and Wisconsin are going to do in this year in the NCAA tournament. Big Ups to Marquette for finishing 2nd place in the Big East since that’s not an easy feat. I got Marquette going to the Sweet 16 but can’t see them getting past the Big 12 Champs Missouri. Watching Missouri in the Big 12 Championship today and seeing them dismantle Baylor has me really considering them going to the Final Four if they can get past Michigan State. Wisconsin on the other had will win their first game in the tourney to play Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt to me might be the biggest sleeper in the Tourney after watching them beat Kentucky today.  So I really don’t see Wisconsin getting past them ending there Tournament after the first weekend.  Either way it goes they both had great season but not enough to get past those rounds based on the match ups.  If they do then I will be quite shocked and I will support them to go all the way. Thursday afternoon is going to be great and I can’t wait. Good luck to everyone filling out there brackets and I hope you all win your  pools! Check me out on Yahoo under Chill-E’s Bracketology if your interested in filling out some more brackets. College Basketball fans enjoy because it’s our time!


Working in Corporate America today can be hectic, depressing, and downright nasty at times. Competing with your co-workers for a few extra dollars or higher position can be stressful and very grueling. That’s why I was glad when I was presented an opportunity to control my own financial destiny with a great home business opportunity. Now I know their are a lot of doubters out there when it comes to home based businesses and I can’t blame them. But every home based business isn’t bad, a shame or a pyramid. Chances are your working in a pyramid scheme right now. (LOL) But the one thing I have truly learned is” If you don’t change anything in life then everything will stay the same”. That’s why I had to step out of my comfort zone and start thinking outside the box. People love to complain about there circumstances but do nothing to change them. The economy isn’t bad it’s just you have a bad perspective on the economy.  Throughout history the economy has never stay the same just like the job market will never stays the same. So what does that mean for us? It means we have to move with the economy and move with the trends. With time comes about change and we have to change with the times. The Great Jim Rohn one said “Your income is directly related to your philosophy and not the economy”. So why not invest in your own philosophy to control your own destiny and economy!

Now finding a home based business isn’t easy these days because there are so many choices, and great opportunities to choose from. Now I’m not here to talk about my Great Home Based Business because I choose my business based on what best fit me and my reason Why? So when choosing your home based businesses you have to look at what best fits you and why? This to me is the most critical and most important thing to know for your success in the home base business arena. Joining a home based business without having your Why could be the different between success and failure. Because you can be successful at any business you try if you have the right will, determination, and drive to make it happen. So what are your reasons for your Why? Do you want more Time Freedom, Money, House, Car, etc.? There could be numerous reasons for your Why but it has to be something personal that you and only you can connect with. For example my Why was to regain my time freedom to be able to spend more time with my family and control my own finical future. Working 2nd shift for over ten years kept me away from my family and less time to spend with my wife and kids. So I learned you can always make money but the one thing you can never get back is your time! So there was my Why and as you can see it’s personal which allows me to have that drive I need to become successful. So I started part-time to build my own business until I can get it to where I can replace my full-time job! It’s not a get rich quick scheme over night! It’s a work program which is a vehicle to create my own future success. So “You can start working part-time on your fortune while working full-time on your living”! ~ Jim Rohn  OPmJzGJGwxg

So it’s Day 2 of my blogging experience and I thought I was going to take it slow but I guess not!( LOL) God has placed it on my heart to jump right into the thick of things and hit the ground running! There is so much that he has placed on my heart and mind that he wants me to talk about so I can’t hold back. First thing on the agenda is  in today’s crazy and negative society we have to change our mindset and way  of thinking from negative to positive ASAP.  We have to go to work on ourselves and quit blaming others for our own mistakes and stop making excuses.  Since I’ve been networking now over the past year I’ve had the pleasure to connect with a lot of positive people and it has truly been a Blessing! I wouldn’t be Blogging today if it wasn’t for my good friend and Mentor Jacob Dantlzer! God sends people into our lives for a reason and my Brother Jacob Dantlzer has helped me beyond what words could every describe. He has brought nothing but great value to my life which I will always be grateful for.  I can still remember the first time we talked to on the phone. We talked for over 3 hours straight like we had known each other our whole life. These are moments that are life changing and this conversation was a life changing moment for me!

So what was so life changing about it? Well there will be people that you come across in life that are going to have a tremendous impact on your life. Jacob Dantlzer being one of mines has thought me some of the most simple, basic, and positive things that I needed to learn to change my life around. You would be surprised  how negative your mindset or thinking may be once you talk to someone who is truly positive.  Someone who never let’s a negativity  come out of their mouth and only speaks positively. Then they also teach you how to get over your simplest fears and how to continually think positive no matter what the situation is while helping change your overall mindset.  So you’re probably asking “So what did he teach you”? I would have to say the most important thing was “It’s not what happens to you that determines the major part of your future success”! It’s what you do about it! In the past I found myself blaming others for my circumstances instead of taking responsibility for my own actions or making excuses.  So in closing one of the most important things I’ve learned is this. We can’t change our circumstances but we can change ourselves and what we do about them! What we have at the moment is what we have attracted by the person we have become.  So if you are willing to change everything then everything will change for you. To have more simply means to become more! Have a Blessed Day! UZR1wYcB1IM

Eric E. Snowden Jr.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Eric E. Snowden and I’m excited about this new chapter I’m about to start in my life. I’ve been looking forward to starting something new and I’ve found out that I have a passion for Internet Marketing! Internet Marketing is a very great way to network and connect with new and interesting people. It’s amazing the things we all have in common when we connect and share our ideals.  That’s why I’m excited to start blogging and sharing some of my insight and a lot of my friends and family ideas and insights using this great platform. At first I thought blogging was a little bit intimidating but it is something I need to do working in Network and Internet Marketing! I’m learning that we all can do great things if we come out of our Comfort Zones and just do it! So today  I’m just going to do just that and the next day and the next day! This way I can learn and it becomes a second nature to me! So come along with me on my journey and let’s connect and share our ideals as We learn going through this Blogging process together! Thanks and Enjoy the Ride!

Eric E. Snowden